Twitch Streamer has been banned due to cosplay

The hugely popular Twitch company STPeach raised funds for one of its channels recently Games for love. The organization is “committed to alleviating suffering, saving lives and creating a sustainable future for children.” In her own flow she was able to Raise $10,000 for charity.

Streamer Banned For My Cami Disguise

The 28-year-old was dressed as Cammy from Street Fighter V during her live broadcast, a cosplay that drew her a lot of attention on social media, most notably TikTok, a few months ago.

However, as it stands, putting on her costume again caused her to receive a ban from the Twitch broadcasting platform. Going to Twitter, the broadcast channel opened up about receiving the ban and Twitch’s inconsistent rules are funny. According to STPeach, if the stream occurs in a hot tub, the blocking will likely not occur:

“Blocked on Twitch. Next time I’ll make sure I have a hot tub handy. Kids get at least $10,000.”

It is not yet 100% known why STPeach was actually banned as it was allowed to broadcast in Cammy costumes a few months ago without any issues. The channel also did not explain how long its ban would last, but a permanent ban is not expected here.

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