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Morbius is also floundering on his second cinematic attempt!

Although in recent months Blockbuster marvel Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness made huge sums at the box office and thus also garnered a lot of media attention, the cinematic failure dominated Morbius What happens on social media.

like the movie on March 31 It started in movie theaters, and was already riding a wave of disastrous reviews and Morbius can also with the audience (Buy now €17.99) no land. This quickly led to a series of memes, like a fancy quote It’s Morbin time.Which does not appear in the movie at all. But the social media attention has had consequences.

Morbin’s time is up: Morbius fails again at the box office

A Photoshop review by CNN launched the rumor that Sony had already put everything in place for the Morbius sequel, pushing the already rolling stone even further: Memes They have been reproduced over and over again and on Discord, some users have shared a pirated version of the movie – as a joke that the movie is so bad that no one wants to watch it for free either.

Morbius: The first trailer featuring Jared Leto as a Marvel vampire

in Sony It seems that someone responsible has misunderstood the film’s presence on social media or thought he could use the negative wave of attention to attract curious movie fans to the cinema. Anyway, Morbius was allowed to rise from the dead and landed again last Friday in more than 1,000 movie theaters in the United States.

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But it came as it was: Of course, the film failed again. as such Forbes I mentioned, Morbius achieved silly in his revival $85,000 in revenue And so it fell far short of the $70 million US start, which was also already disastrous – even if it wasn’t the result of a day, of course.

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