Home Tech Fortnite now has Darth Vader too

Fortnite now has Darth Vader too

Fortnite now has Darth Vader too

After yesterday’s “collision event” at the end of Chapter 3 – Season 2 and the accompanying downtime, Season 3 of the popular Chapter 3 of Battle Royale Fortnite has now begun. The new season called Good Vibes introduces a new biome called Reality Falls, which is “a lush forest filled with mushrooms, popping snuff boxes, and purple trees.” Also, players can now sow the seeds of reality to grow a realistic plant that stays in the same place from match to match. These grant progressively better loot over time.

Indiana Jones and Darth Vader participate in Fortnite

In addition, players can now jump on a wolf or a boar to ride. When a battle begins, players don’t even have to back off, but they can easily fire their weapons from the monster’s back. There are also some new weapons and other fun innovations. What does the third season contain, you can see in it Read the related blog post from Epic Games.

Perhaps the most interesting innovation is that players can now play as Darth Vader. This comes as a reward for reaching the 100th level of the Battle Pass, and later Indiana Jones will also join the colorful world of Fortnite. Epic Games also shared one short gameplay trailer For the new Darth Vader skin, which already gives a good impression of how players like Vader can slay their enemies with his lightsaber.


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