Fans are asking Sega to postpone the match

SEGA recently released some videos for the upcoming “Sonic Frontiers.” However, the presented material does not make all fans happy.

Sonic Frontiers: Fans are asking Sega to postpone the match

This is a major title that you probably can’t read often: some Sonic fans are currently calling for a delay in the release of the upcoming title, “Sonic Frontiers.” SEGA recently released some videos about the gameplay, the open world and the combat system. The videos were heavily criticized by many players. “Sonic Frontiers” is slated to release in the 2022 holiday season.

Sonic fans would like a beta for feedback

SEGA teamed up with fellow IGN this month to share several videos of the upcoming Sonic Frontiers game. However, the presented material upset some Sonic fans, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the videos in question on YouTube and on social media. Even the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers went viral on Twitter for a while after the videos were released.

Key points of criticism from players include the “extreme” animation, the empty game world, or the “lack of momentum” from Sonic. Fans are urging SEGA to release a demo of the game so players can provide their feedback on gameplay. Many hope that the criticism will bring about change, as was the case with the first film. At the time, Sonic’s strange appearance, especially the small eyes, was criticized. After negative feedback, the design of the iconic hedgehog has been completely revised.

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But Sven Joscelyne, founder of Sonic Stadium for fans and global publishing director at IGN, doesn’t think the delay or demo will solve core Sonic Frontiers problems: “#DelaySonicFrontiers won’t work because the main concern for me is the concept of everything as well as gameplay; the delay in fixing Bugs and adding content won’t solve that.” “SonicFrontiers seems to want a hyper-realistic, combative-focused Sonic game that draws its cues from the movies…it leans more on Sonic sports than physics-based/rush gameplay. That’s a good thing too, if that’s the point. It’s Not the Sonic game I would have liked to be in 2022.”

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