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Nintendo offers you a unique opportunity

Nintendo offers you a unique opportunity
This weekend you can test out the Nintendo Switch Sports for free. (Image source: Giga)

On April 29, 2022, Nintendo Switch Sports will be the next handheld console fitness game. But if you have time this weekend, you can test the new game for free – but with only one condition.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Sports: Registration for the online gameplay test continues

Want to get an exclusive look at one of Nintendo’s upcoming Switch games? Then you better shovel the weekend! Between February 19-20, you can participate in the online play test of Nintendo Switch Sports – Free. However, the promotion is only available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, so players without an active subscription won’t get anything.

In order to have a chance to get one of the free play test slots, you must register on the product page Sign in with your Nintendo account, scroll down and click the button Yes, I want to participate. Click. You will then be redirected to the My Nintendo website where you can get a download code for the game. You can then redeem this directly at your Nintendo eShop.

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However, before sharing, there are two things you should know:

  1. Online play testing is only available on regular Switch and OLED models. Switch Lite owners cannot participate.
  2. Those who participate in the test agree not to share any scenes, screenshots, or other information related to the game publicly. No posts on social mediaNo YouTube videos, no live streams.

(Those: nintendo)

The first game scenes from Nintendo Switch Sports can be seen in the announcement trailer:

When does the play test run?

If you download the software successfully, you will have five 45-minute time slots to play Nintendo Switch Sports this weekend. You cannot start the game outside of these time frames:

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Saturday 19 February:

  • 04:00 – 04:45
  • 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM
  • 20:00 – 20:45

Sunday 20 February:

  • 04:00 – 04:45
  • 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM

Want more free games for the Switch?

Bowling, tennis and chambara sports are available during online play test. You will not be able to compete with your friends during the upgrade – opponents will be assigned to you at random.


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