The Volvo Cars group has changed the technical equipment of nearly 1,500 mechanics in its workshops: instead of notepads and computers, there are now iPhones and smart watches. The result is a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

So far, appointments and repairs with clients have been planned as usual in their offices. The CRM system is accessed via PC and more information about the vehicles can also be called here. Then the actual work was done separately in the workshop. However, they wanted to radically change this classic action and had great success with it, like computer world mentioned.

Because the mechanics in the workshop are not just technical personnel, but the most important contact between Volvo and its customers during the entire vehicle service life. As a result, management decided not to allow project planners to develop a concept that included their ideas about better operations. Instead, developers were sent to workshops and made to observe what mechanics were actually doing throughout the day. The insights gained were then used to implement further change planning.

The result looked like this: all the mechanics were given the iPhone and Apple Watch, after which the newly developed Volvo service application is used. The technician is now informed directly through this when the customer arrives at the workshop. The car owner does not have to wait at the reception until someone finds a free employee, but is greeted directly by professional staff. The employee is already provided with the relevant information about the customer and his vehicle on the smartwatch.

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Flssigere Ablufe

During the repair, the mechanic can then call up the technical information on the watch or smartphone. When the work is completed, it is noted directly on the smartwatch and the customer is informed – much faster than in the previous system, since the car owner was contacted only when the order documents were processed back later at the office. More appointments and call reminders can also be entered in case the customer cannot be reached directly.

“With the Volvo Service App, we connect people through technology. In one workshop, customers reported a 37 percent improvement in access to their personal service technician,” explained Markus Lundstrom, who leads digitization operations at Volvo. The company also reported a 40 percent drop in paper publications. Volvo continues to see technicians use their new equipment to do other jobs. “Some of our teams use the wireless function to communicate with each other within the workshop.”

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