Hesse’s prime minister, Volker Bofier, resigns on May 31. It is now clear to the CDU politician who should win.

Hesseyan State Parliament Speaker Boris Rhine (CDU) Volker Baufier (CDU) is set to take over as Prime Minister. He should also accept the post of state president of the party, Bouffier said on Friday on the sidelines of the closed conference of the Hessian State Association in Fulda. Bofier announced his resignation on May 31 this morning. Until then he will continue to perform his duties.

He will submit his resignation at the full session of the day so that Rhine can be chosen as his successor, Pofier said. The CDU unanimously followed his advice at the eighth K├╝nzeller meeting on Friday in Fulda. According to his own statements, he has not yet decided whether Bouffir will relinquish his seat in the state parliament. Rhine is also set to be elected CDU state president at the state party convention on July 1.

Boris Rhein was initially Home Minister under Bouffier

He was overwhelmed by the vote, Raine told reporters this afternoon. Staff change is the key to winning the 2023 state election.

Rhine, 50, was interior minister under Bouffier before moving to the science and arts ministry in 2014. He has been Speaker of the Hesian State Parliament since 2019. The next state election is expected to take place in the fall of 2023.


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