Telegram will soon cost money: WhatsApp alternative gets premium features

Telegram has gained a lot of new users recently. Now the company wants to make money and not just through advertising. The premium service has started in beta.

Telegram is planning a premium model

We update 02. May 2022: As Telegram appears in iOS beta, users with “Telegram Premium” will receive additional content. This includes Additional stickers and emoji (these: cable). If you send a special emoji to someone who does not have paid access, they will be asked to sign up for “Telegram Premium”. If this does not happen, the person will not be able to see the emoji. It is not yet known what the cost of the service will be. Other benefits may be offered to paying users.

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Only a few days ago it became known that Telegram would like to display ads in chats. Advertisers must be able to send messages to large groups of more than 1,000 members. This is the initial plan. It was already clear that it would not continue like this. Telegram does not want to rely entirely on this type of advertising. You are now planning subscription form for users, To be able to hide this ad directly (Source: MSPoweruser).

Accordingly, Telegram serves not only to serve ads, but also directly to the possibility of not having to watch this ad. Accordingly “Cheap Subscription” scheme, which means that users never have to see ads and support Messenger. The exact amount is unknown. It probably shouldn’t be more than one or two euros a month.

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By the way, WhatsApp also costs something. At the time, you had to pay a one-time fee of 99 cents for the application. But later, the messenger became free and then Facebook bought it. Telegram, on the other hand, has Just started for free and now want a lot of money Do with multiple users.

Telegram is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives. In the video Find out why:

Channel owners can also turn off ads in Telegram

But users will not only be able to turn off ads in Telegram for a fee. Channel owners can also turn off ads for their own channel. This ensures that no advertisement is displayed there. Telegram is still considering costs for now.


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