Is Galaxy S22 Colorful?  Samsung is still hesitant

Is Samsung releasing the Galaxy S22 in a brightly colored version? It is rumored that the South Korean manufacturer is considering the release of a “bespoke version” of the best smartphone.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the first phone offered by Samsung in a bespoke version. (Source: Samsung)

  • Samsung could release the Galaxy S22 in a bespoke version.
  • With this you can customize the look of the cell phone.
  • With the Galaxy Z Flip 3, more than 50 color combinations can be used.

In the fall of 2021, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Flip 3 in a so-called “bespoke edition”. Here you can design the look of the mobile phone down to the smallest detail before you buy it. There are nearly 50 color combinations to choose from. It seems that Samsung is now considering porting this principle to the Galaxy S22.

This was reported by the South Korean website navigator. However, a final decision on this has not yet been made. The manufacturer is still hesitant.

If Samsung decides to sell the Galaxy S22 Bespoke Edition, there will likely be far fewer color combinations available. After all, unlike the Z Flip 3, the back is not divided into two parts.

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