Usmanov with his boat Tilbar between the ends

Usmanov with his boat Tilbar between the ends

ALeisure Usmanov is one of the names that has come to light recently because he is one of Putin’s wealthiest friends and is on the list of obstacles to the authorities’ attempt to freeze the assets of oligarchy. But it is not so easy. This can be seen in the example of the “Dilbar”, a 156 meter long, one of the largest boats in the world, which was reportedly transferred to the Osmanov in 2016 from the Lursen shipyard in Bremen. .

The luxury ship was impounded in the port of Hamburg, the financial news agency Bloomberg wrote Thursday night, and – spread in various media from “Built” to “Spiegel” – made the claim. Meanwhile: The message is incorrect. “As far as we know, no boat has been impounded,” said the Hamburg Economic and Innovation Commission.

Federal officials are responsible for enforcing the sanctions, but it is not yet clear whether the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Customs or the Federal Office for Economic and Export Control will do so. In the case of the “Dilbar” boat, clarity about the structure of ownership is said to be the main thing that is still missing. You may ask in Hamburg that Alisher Usmanov is not the direct owner of the ship. The boat is registered in the Cayman Islands and is owned by a Maltese company.

An exaggerated boat

No need to rush. Vladimir Putin’s boat “Graceful” sailed from the port of Hamburg to Kaliningrad in the early hours of February 7, but despite the storm surge, “Dilbar” was as tightly covered by tarpaulins as Cristo’s work of art. Blohm + Voss Dry Dock. The shipyard was handed over for extensive modification and refurbishment work. The Blohm + Voss crew involved have not been on board since Wednesday, and the owner is reported to have stopped work in Hamburg.

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The value of the beauty treatment boat on the ship, which was originally said to have cost $ 600 million, must have increased. Given the construction time of 52 months the boat is good for a few superlatives. With a crew of 96, you have to make sure not only that the largest swimming pool ever installed on two helipads and one boat is in good condition, but also the twelve rooms. 1000 sofa cushions are said to provide the desired cutie effect on the boat.


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