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Destiny 2: Today Bungie Reveals ‘The Witch Queen’


Tonight, Bungie unveils The Witch Queen, the next expansion for Destiny 2.

It’s getting exciting for Destiny 2 players as Bungie reveals “The Witch Queen” today. This is the next expansion of the multiplayer shooter. The curtain will be unveiled at 6:00 pm and can be accessed via Twitch to be tracked.

officially is what you say: “The Witch Queen” is a major development in the ongoing Destiny 2 story. “Beyond the Light” laid the foundation and allowed us to weave the creation of worlds from Destiny and Destiny 2 together, but “The Witch Queen” fire becomes a story deeply connected to “Twilight” and beyond, unlike anything we’ve experienced before, with characters, connections, heroes, and villains It will continue across multiple future releases. More importantly, the outcome of these releases will also conclude the “Saga of Light and Darkness,” the conflict that we first introduced with the start of Destiny many years ago. While developing The Witch Queen, we realized that this release should be the first of many moments that defined the Destiny story. With so much preparation for “The Witch Queen” and depending on what happens in it, we wanted to make sure we gave ourselves enough time to continue paving the way for this journey in important directions, starting with the unusual first chapter in “The Witch Queen.”

Here is the teaser to reveal it:

about this connection You can access Bungie’s official website.

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We think so:
Let’s hope the expansion brings a breath of fresh air back into the game. We are definitely looking forward to the unveiling.

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