Home Tech Nintendo brings over 1000 anime to Switch

Nintendo brings over 1000 anime to Switch

Nintendo brings over 1000 anime to Switch

Anime fans and Switch owners have had to wait a long time, but now it’s finally time: streaming provider Crunchyroll is now available for the Nintendo Switch. This means that more than 1,000 anime are finding their way to the console.

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From Attack on Titan to One Piece: Crunchyroll is a mecca for anime fans

Watch your favorite series and movies on the go, no problem at all with your smartphone or tablet. One mobile device has always been at a disadvantage when it comes to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Crunchyroll: the Nintendo Switch. That is changing now, at least in part. As of now, Switch owners can download the official Crunchyroll app from the Nintendo eShop.

This primarily pleases anime fans, because Crunchyroll is the largest legal provider of anime of all kinds. According to the provider, it has more than 1,000 series in its range. These include popular songs such as One Piece, Naruto or Attack on Titan.

What do you want to know about Crunchyroll?

The use of crunchy roll is Basically free. So you can also watch a large part of the current animation without any costs. However, in this case you have to commercial breaks Before, during and after each episode. And there’s another limitation: if you’re watching for free, you have to wait a week longer to get the latest episodes of your favorite series.

Alternatively, you can also Premium Abu a lock. This is available in three versions: 6.99 € per month, 9.99 € per month or 99.99 € per year. Unlike version 6.99, version 9.99 has the so-called offline viewing, that is, the ability to download animations.

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In general, crunchy roll is also served 14-day trial subscription Until you convince yourself of the added value offered. Finally, it should be noted that the majority of Crunchyroll anime only have Japanese voice acting and German subtitles. Anime in German dubbing is limited and available only with a premium subscription.


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