Knäbel proudly announces on FC Schalke 04: S04 has already achieved these two goals

Schalke 04: Descended into the second division of the traditional club

Schalke 04: Descended into the second division of the traditional club

FC Schalke 04 is one of the largest traditional clubs in Germany. In the all-time Bundesliga table, the Royal Blues are seventh. “Nappon” is a seven-time German champion, most recently in 1958.

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The season is still a long way off, but according to Peter Noble he is FC Schalke04 Has already achieved two important goals.

Director of Sports FC Schalke04 Recalled the General Assembly last summer. There, the club set two goals, which S04, according to Knäbel, followed suit.

FC Schalke 04 and big goals

“At a public meeting on July 17, 2021, I recently shared with members two recordings that I often remember,” says Nabel: “First: the game at Schalke is not a one-man show.”

With these words, the sports director refers to the individual alpha men who have led FC Schalke 04 in recent years and decades. “We need strong leaders and a strong team with a clear distribution of tasks,” Nabel said.

FC Schalke no longer has to be ashamed

Knäbel believes Schalke has been implementing this requirement interestingly since the start of the season: “Looking at what my two directors Rouen Schroeder and Matthias Schofer have achieved over the last ten months, it confirms me. A little pride.”

Fn Schalke’s second goal: “No Schalke player should be ashamed of their performance on their team and on the pitch,” Knäbel said. “I think we have a team with a very strong mindset on the pitch. Finally, in Schalke, football is talked about again and discussed.


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Schalke looks ahead

But Schalke does not want to rest on their laurels, Nabel clarifies: “Personally, I owe it to myself to look forward to the medium and long term in the sport.

This concept should provide the game “more guidance than current levels or last weekend results” on Schalke.

FC Schalke 04 Enough! The S04 now threatens drastic action against fan confusion

FC Schalke 04 has had enough of the misconduct of some S04 supporters and now wants to take drastic action. About it here >>> (i.e.)


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