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Linux Remote Maintenance: TeamViewer Receives Support for Wayland

Linux Remote Maintenance: TeamViewer Receives Support for Wayland

TeamViewer remote maintenance software for screen sharing, video conferencing, file transfer, and VPN connections now has initial support for the Free Display Server protocol on Linux for the first time Wayland. The free Linux desktop Gnome is the first working environment to offer full support.

TeamViewer supports Wayland for the first time

Like Linux developer and editor Ferdinand Thommes about the site linuxnews.de You mentioned, support for the Wayland protocol has been introduced, which has been previously discussed for a long time within the TeamViewer community. The new feature is currently classified as “beta” and works only on the client side, requiring at least version 15.29 of the remote maintenance software.

For the first time, the Gnome desktop must fully support TeamViewer via Wayland, which is also used under Ubuntu 22.04 LTS as the new display server protocol standard.

More information is provided by TeamViewer support:

an introduction

It’s a fact: Wayland is becoming more and more prominent as a display server. Ubuntu is releasing the new version 22.04 with Wayland again as the default display server.

Now it’s time for TeamViewer to support incoming connections too when using Wayland in the first beta!

Wayland Support

To make sure you are using a client that supports Wayland, you should see a message like the following in the remote control view. image.png

If you can see this message, it means that you are logged in on Wayland and your customer is ready to support upcoming sessions with Wayland.

experimental condition

Wayland support is currently available in the first version. The overall feature package is still limited, and 100% stability cannot be guaranteed. Please note that Wayland support is still under extensive development in Linux distributions. However, we encourage you to give it a try and give us feedback for further improvements and the final version.

The following functionality has already been provided:

  • Request permission to share screen
  • Screen sharing for the main console
  • Mouse and keyboard input

What is not ready yet:

  • Connect to the login screen
  • Session for unattended devices
  • Change screen resolution
  • Clipboard sync
  • Black screen

Users who wish to experience Wayland support for remote maintenance software using the KDE Plasma desktop environment should ensure that the
xdg-desktop-portal-kde It has been installed.

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X11 for productive use

However, TeamViewer is not yet designed for productive use in the Wayland session, which is why developers continue to use the X Window system (X11) We recommend.

Download on ComputerBase

As usual, TeamViewer for Windows, macOS, and Linux can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download area just below this message. More information will be provided by the administrator website and very spacious User’s Guide (PDF) to the application.


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