Natalie Falk:

Who owns the apartment in which Natalie Falk (24 years old) lives? After breaking up with her fiancé Timur, his predecessor Frank Otto (64 years old) mentioned that the next top candidate for Germany was at his New York apartment. She’s currently there because she’s completing her acting training for sincere Also partially financially, the 64-year-old pursued. But it has now been brought up Natalie Clear: She doesn’t even live franks Apartment – because it’s yours!

“Frank gave me this property in 2016, which I’ve lived on for five years”The emerging actress Instagram Clear. The beauty also confirmed that she does not approve of her ex-boyfriend posting such private details. “I’m preparing for two roles in the movie and I think it’s such a shame sincere Something has to be shared in public and I hope we can keep things private in the future,” the model explained.

Also, what is her previous relationship? the East Concerns, would like to Natalie Stay covered for the future. In a statement made by the former GNTM– The girl realizes that she has no management and inquiries are currently being bypassed. “This morning, the press rang my bell and there are paparazzi outside my door in New York. Please understand that my heartbreak is not entertainment”, the 24-year-old confirmed Instagram.

Natalie Falk and Frank Otto in January 2020 in Los Angeles

Instagram / mirandadigrande

Natalie Faulk and her friend Timur
Natalie Faulk, 2018

Instagram / mirandadigrande

Natalie Faulk, 2018
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