Home entertainment Kim Gloss (DSDS) in hospital – ‘I’m totally upset’

Kim Gloss (DSDS) in hospital – ‘I’m totally upset’

Kim Gloss in a selfie she uploaded to Instagram on September 28, 2021.

Kim Gloss in a selfie she uploaded to Instagram on September 28, 2021.

Shock for Kim Gloss fans! The singer’s new single is supposed to be released on Friday night. But instead of celebrating her release, Gloss is now reporting from the hospital.

Everything should be perfect: The new song of singer Kim Gloss was supposed to be released on husband Alex’s birthday on January 21. But an incident now puts the release in the background.

On Thursday, the former DSDS participant happily informed her fans and reported on her self-tanning routine. However, after a few clips, she shows the community on Instagram a completely different picture.

Kim Glos: The singer has to go to the hospital

The 29-year-old appears in a hospital bed, with a port placed on her arm. She looks tired on camera. She doesn’t look happy.

She writes: “I am completely upset that something like this has happened.” She’s in good hands, but she can’t reveal why she’s in the clinic yet. “I don’t really know myself yet,” says the musician. She promised fans that she received painkillers and would soon be the “old woman” again. “I’ll get back to you when I have more strength,” says Kim Glos.

However, the release of their single “Keiner so wie wir” had to take place anyway. “I’m not going to let this take me! I got it for Alex’s birthday…” the singer begins before bursting into tears. Obviously everything takes her with her. But at the end of her story, she was self-confident and promised to fully clarify the situation soon. (me)

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