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And the winner is… another season of The Voice of Germany ends. At the conclusion of the singing show happened Sebastian KrenzAnd Gogo ZuluAnd Katrina Mihaljevich, Linda Elsinr and the duo Florian And Charlene Gallant employment. After many great performances with coaches and world stars such as James Morrison (37), James Blunt (47), and calum scott In the end the decision was made. who grabbed the nicknameGermany’s voice“?

At the start of the show, the finalists stunned the audience with their version of Florence and the Machines hit “Shake It Out” and then continued spectacularly. The nominees performed alongside their coaches and notable duo partners. Then it got serious: Charlene Florian received the fewest calls from the audience and had to say goodbye to the show. This left four talents in the race for the title. also for Linda And Katrina Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough – the other two talents were clearly nervous. I finally made it SebastianTo assert himself against other candidates. A total of 36.29 percent of the votes went to him – so he is Sebastian Official winner ofGermany’s voiceHis coach Johannes Ording (39) could hardly be more proud and couldn’t stop shining.

They were there Proflash– Readers instantly with their rating. In a poll, 40.8% of 1,579 respondents voted Sebastian. The rocker won with his performance with James Arthur (33) and his new song “What They Call Life” with his coach. Johannes Oerding hearts of the audience.

Finalists from "Germany's voice" 2021

ProSiebenSAT.1 / Claudius Pflug

The Final Nominees for “The Voice of Germany” 2021
Sebastian Krenz in "Germany's voice"

SAT.1 / ProSieben / Claudius Pflug

Sebastian Krenz Bey “Voice of Germany”
Johannes Urding at the German Radio Prize in Hamburg in September 2015


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