Home entertainment Show Beatrice Egli – Bad memories come to life suddenly

Show Beatrice Egli – Bad memories come to life suddenly

Show Beatrice Egli – Bad memories come to life suddenly

Beatrice Egli Appears in Munich – Suddenly Bad Memories Woke up

This is what DSDS winners are doing today

This is what DSDS winners are doing today

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singer Beatrice Egli She is currently delighting her German fans. On Friday evening (May 6), the former DSDS winner was seen at Kölner Treff on WDR, followed by a concert in Munich on Saturday evening.

There before you remember the performance Beatrice Egli From her recent visit to the Munich Circus Krone – and it seems that she was not only beautiful.

Beatrice Egli: You will never forget that performance in Munich

Before the concert on Saturday evening, the call was made Beatrice Egli Via her Instagram story with her fans, she was filled with anticipation. “The sound check begins in Munich. In the sold-out Cirkus Krone hall. It is great to play here again,” she announced from the stage.

But soon after that, you immediately remember the last time you performed on stage in the hall. The fall 2019 performance got completely out of hand, during a rocking show (“Rock mit Härz”) suddenly storming the stage in leather outfits. The men danced and even started destroying the stockpile while the security guards on site did nothing.

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Beatrice Egli: “What’s going on here?”

But what happened? The 33-year-old remembers it well: “Yeah, it’s been a long time. The last time I was at Crohn’s Circus, I was joked by ‘Do you understand the fun?!'”. Their appearance speaks volumes.

After all, the Swiss woman of that time proved that nothing could upset her so easily. While the rock band wreaked havoc on stage, they pulled off their performance, even spinning around. It was only when the guitar broke that she asked the audience in confusion, “What’s going on here?”

Guido Kantz has finally resolved the situation – and even if Beatrice Egli can laugh at him afterwards, the singer can probably do without rockstars now. She’s sure: “But we’re going to have a lot of fun today.”


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Fun is also promising its first “TV Garden” this year, with Beatrice Egli as a guest. On her Instagram story she already announced that she would dare something. You can follow the entire show in our live feed. (kV)


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