Heidi Klum Reveals: Who is Lenny's Favorite Daughter on GNTM?

Lenny Klum (17 years old) takes a closer look at Germany’s top new candidates. Season 17 has just started on ProSieben. Of the 9,000 applicants, 31 models won, which Heidi Klum (48) would like to personally examine in the opening episode. The typical mother insists on greeting all participants individually. When she was nominated Paulina She meets and remembers her daughter’s words lenny.

Unlike some of the other candidates, Paulina steps up on her own to be greeted by the head of the jury. Heidi Reveals: Not only did she take a closer look at the young models beforehand, her daughter did too lenny Went through apps. Good news for Paulina: “You were my favourite lenny. “

However, the American option by choice also adds: “Now we have to see if you’ll be my favourite, too.” The 32-year-old is definitely interested in that. Because, as Paulina has already explained, she wants to put everything on one card in GNTM.

Paulina, "Next Topmodel in Germany"- Filter 2022

ProSieben / Richard Huebner

Paulina, “The Next German Supermodel” – Canada 2022
Heidi and Lenny Klum
Paulina, GNTM Filter 2022

Instagram / paulina.stepowska

Paulina, GNTM Filter 2022
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