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  • At the wild camp, Anushka tells Renzi about her relationship with her mother.
  • She talks about a decision she regrets to this day.

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Already on the 13th day, Anushka Renzi was emotional. The actress told those in her fellow camp about her difficult relationship with her deceased stepmother. Her tears were even broken. A day later, she still seems to be interested in her family history.

In conversation with other candidates, the actress this time talks about her mother Eva Renzi. Like her stepfather, she has no fond memories of them.

Renzi: I will always be loving

As a grandmother, she is “a million times better” than she was as a mother. “She was very young. She kept me when I was not even 19,” he explains. She never doubted that her mother loved her. Nevertheless, the relationship is a “mess”.

They traveled back and forth between Berlin and St. Tropez and spent many years in India. “I never had anything like a normal middle class life.”

After all, Renzi’s mother’s work had a negative impact on the relationship between the two. Eva Renzi also worked as an actress and was in front of the camera in the movie “Berlin Final” with Hollywood star Michael Cain.

But, according to her daughter, Anoshka only had a short time because she was constantly shooting. Rather, she is “always organized” by her mother. In addition, her mother always fought with her aunts, which contributed to the disappearance of Anoshka “a constant in my life”. That was one of the reasons she was “always in love”.

Anouschka Renzi talks about her last meeting with her mother

Towards the end of his life his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. As Anouschka says, he initially cared for his mother. However, she was later taken to hospital. According to Anushka, this is an important moment for her. During a visit, her mother sent her off in a friendly manner.

Hit it and turned to go. “By the time I was halfway out the door, I asked: ‘Please don’t go’.” But she was so offended by her mother’s words that she left anyway.

A mistake as Anouschka explains. “I have to stay because she died that night,” he says with tears in his eyes. The fact that she decided to leave at that point obviously still crushes the actress. “Of course, these are all things that are natural in the soul.”

But even though she could no longer repair her relationship with her mother, the 57-year-old learned from it. Because there does not seem to be such a deep rift between Renzi and his own daughter.

At the very least, the loving lines that Anushka’s daughter sends in a letter to her mother in the camp convey that. “Mom, I’m so proud to think of you,” it says. “You make me laugh every day. Because you’re an original – by all means.”

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