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Yeliz Koc Reveals: Have You Met Jimi’s New Girl Snow Yet?

Can Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht’s new partner (30 years old) see their daughter with Yeliz Koc (28)? Even before the birth of their daughter, the actor and former bachelor candidate announced the end of their relationship. The period after that was less rosy and they also had their fights openly on the Internet. In April, Jimmy fell in love again and made his new love accountable with racing driver Laura Marie Geissler. now cheating yellies On the net How to get to know Snow and James New girlfriend standing.

During a question-and-answer session, the 28-year-old answered Instagram Now some questions from your community. Of course, her followers were also on her favorite topic again: she was very interested in how they related Jimmy for snow. yellies “He can always call his daughter and see her via FaceTime and of course she comes before,” he explained. Also about getting to know each other James A new girlfriend appears yellies cooperative: “She can meet his girlfriend Snow if they both want to.”

Another question from her followers was how yellies Standing next to her ex-husband Jimmy Fortunately in love again a few months after their separation. However, brunette seems to take the topic lightly: “Okay, I started”she admits, referring to her outbreak with Baku in the reality star fight.

Jimmy Blue Uchenknecht and Laura Marie Geisler
Liz Kog and Jimmy Blow Ochenknecht
Jimmy Blue Oceanknecht and Willis Cog, June 2021
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