Tim Malzer is upset after scoring zero points for his opponents

Hendrik Haase (37) described himself as an “unruly hobbyist,” and “Kitchen Impossible” host Tim Mälzer (50) believed himself in the current episode of Vox’s cooking show to be an easy game. Because with the trained communications designer he didn’t have a professional chef as an opponent, but he had a Jack of all professions who made a name for himself as a food activist and championed sustainable consumption. Skilled Chef vs. Amateur Chef David vs. Goliath? Jane – It was an unfair fight for other reasons.

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Read more after the announcement

Malzer first sent his guest to the “great master of sauces”, Thomas Martin (55), who works as a chef at the restaurant of the Louis C. Jacob Hotel in Hamburg. The “stewed ox shoulder with red wine, celery and onions” had to be cooked at home. Trotz des „hohen Niveaus“, das er erschmeckte, zeigte sich Haase zuversichtlich: „Ich setze auf meine Kreativität.” Optik und vermutete Zutaten des Gerichts schrieb und zeichnete zzer als in fen e fens zin-kün schün le Kitchen. Suspecting that the sauce would take its time, he began working the evening before the actual cooking day.

Hendrik Haas has worked very hard in the kitchen of great sauce maker Thomas Martin.

Hendrik Haas has worked very hard in the kitchen of great sauce maker Thomas Martin.

Malzer furious: “You don’t give such a rating.”

However, in the end he could not do without the cornstarch to bind the sauce as planned, and of course he did some things differently than the master himself, but even Hass’s dish was praised: “For someone who doesn’t do it professionally, does he do it well? Really good!” When watching the movie, Malzer also thought: “Visually, it’s very, very beautiful,” and Haas calculated himself on six to seven points. “Well, definitely over the middle.”

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Well – no one apparently expected the strong ten-member jury, which consists of Martin’s wife, a food journalist, and several former employees. Counting the scorecards showed that no one gave him more than five points, sometimes only two or three. And the hammer: The jury member was awarded only zero points!

Even Mälzer thought that was impossible: “It’s for A…! Because it’s just real underappreciation, underappreciation. You don’t give a rating like that, you’ll only say if you spit on a plate and hand it.” But the game is a game, Haase started with an average of A pitiful 3.6 point rating. “That’s the degree I got from high school,” Mälzer reveals to boost morale a bit.

Tim Melzer: “Peter Lustig from Hell”

He himself was sent to the Swabian Alb by Haase and feared the worst of the sustainability fan: “I don’t feel like it when I have to cook some cum valerian.” In fact, it came to Simon Tress, who worked at a fine organic food restaurant in the 1950’s that didn’t process anything that was moved more than 25 kilometers.

Malzer’s mission: “Kohlrabi versus carrot,” a delicious vegetarian dish, among other things. Or to paraphrase the TV chef: “Gerainrage.” Among other things, he had to make cream and rapeseed oil himself for the dish, accompanying his actions with many swear words and sayings like Malteser such: “This is a merry Peter from Hell!” In the end, he didn’t do poorly at all and ceded a very respectable 8.4 points.

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It is hard to imagine that Haas will be able to catch up with this lead. In the Albanian capital of Tirana, he was supposed to recreate a dish “Fli with trout” and pomegranate seeds, created by slow food chef Bledar Kola (37). He had worked in England, Denmark, Italy and Sweden, among other places, and made it his mission to serve traditional Albanian cuisine at a gourmet level.

Nice taste

Basically it was important to the taste of Haase, but the highlight was in the details: getting the Albanian National Shrine Fli, a pastry made of several layers, over an open fire in a way that could keep up with the original. Very difficult and “stressful”. However, the result could finally be seen and tasted, the jury gave an average of 7.9 points.

In order to still be able to beat Mälzer, he had to take an underground role in the last mission. It consists of an unusual dessert called “eggplant – pecan – balsamic apple cider vinegar” by star confectioner Rene Franck (37). Mälzer found this little delicacy “exceptionally exquisite, incredibly tasty, and also somewhat emotional” — but that doesn’t mean he was the best at re-cooking it: “I still find the task trivial.”

He made the mistake of eating nuts and buying brazil nuts and macadamia nuts, otherwise he improvised the barley a lot. Finally, the result: 6.4 points, with a total of 14.8, and thus a clear victory over competitor Haas, who scored only 11.5 points. However: a bitter taste remained – and the feeling that someone was not treated fairly.

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