Schlager star copied Helen Fisher's promo concept - Punishment Without Mercy

Singer Carsten Walter (Heart of Fire) during ARD entertainment program “Immer wieder Sonntags”.


Schlager star Karsten Walter went his own way after the breakup of the Feuerherz. While promoting his new single, he copied the concept of Helen Fisher, then ran into problems.

Cologne – what kind of tension is that among musicians! It’s now a common stylistic device to delete all your previous social media posts before a big new announcement, like a new album. Recently, Schlager star Helen Fisher has increased interest with her new single “Vamos a Marte”. Now a fellow in the genre did the same. But then problems ensued.

Schlager star Karsten Walter tries Helene Fischer’s promo concept

We’re only talking about Karsten Walter, who made headlines last year, especially with his love story and a joint duet with Marina Marx. But now it has to go on alone for the singer – or better yet, start at all, after all, Karsten was previously known as part of the boy band Schlager Feuerherz. After the breakup, Karsten now wants to try his luck on his own.

In order to attract attention to her and immeasurably increase the tension among fans, Karsten also deleted all his Instagram posts. An ad can only be seen in the Insta Story. Tuesday at 6 p.m. was the deadline.

It was at this exact time that a new post from Karsten appeared, like this MDR mentioned. However, problems ensued – because the joint photo disappeared from the platform after a few minutes. As the announcer writes, citing Karsten himself, the pic clearly does not comply with the photo platform’s guidelines.

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The Schlager singer sent the photo a little later and changed a bit back to the network and this time he was allowed to stay there. One fan, back and front, commented: “Now you can leave the photos there.”

With this post, Karsten also revealed the secret of what was going to happen to him: apparently his first single would be called “Come Closer”. (rjs)


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