Home entertainment You don’t see it every day: Lenny Klum shows up with foster father Cel

You don’t see it every day: Lenny Klum shows up with foster father Cel

You don’t see it every day: Lenny Klum shows up with foster father Cel

You don’t see her every day
Lenny Klum shows up with adoptive father Cel

Singer Seal had three children with Heidi Klum. Lenny is not one of them. However, the 17-year-old girl was adopted by the pop star, which comes from her mother’s relationship with Flavio Briatore. Now the adoptive father and the adopted daughter appear together rarely.

This scene is rare. At the premiere of the new Netflix movie The Harder They Fall, young model Leni Klum appeared alongside British singer Seal. The two walked the red carpet together in Los Angeles.


Something almost like a family photo: Seal, Laura Strayer, Aries Reshevsky, and Lenny Klum (from left).

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Her adoptive father Seal, who contributed music to the film, wasn’t the only important man for Heidi Klum’s daughter at the event. There was also her friend Aris Reshevsky. And to make things perfect, Seal also brought his new partner with him – his former assistant Laura Strayer.

For an appearance on the red carpet, 17-year-old Lenny Klum threw herself in a figure-hugging short black dress with a fringed hem. Papa Seal wore a black coat with a white shirt and tie, Rechevski wore a black suit with a white shirt, and Strayer a long black robe.

controversial picture

Lenny comes from her mother’s relationship with former Formula 1 boss Flavio Briatore, with whom Heidi Klum has been in a relationship for about a year. Her later husband, Ciel Lenny, adopted it. Heidi Klum had three other children: Henry, Johann, and Lou. Heidi Klum has been married to Tokyo Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz since August 2019.

Lenny Klum celebrated her supermodel appearance in December 2020. Recently, she created quite a stir with a photo of British fashion and culture magazine “Rollacoaster Magazine”. Finally you can see her on her bare chest, which is covered only by her hand.

With Lenny Klum still a minor, the admission was not only met with enthusiasm. In social networks, users criticized the photo, calling it “illegal” and “sad”, among other things. It was also read that “there is no excuse for being a minor with this freedom”.

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