Home entertainment Natalie Falk lives again with ex-Frank Otto

Natalie Falk lives again with ex-Frank Otto

Natalie Falk lives again with ex-Frank Otto

Shortly after their engagement, Natalie Falk gave up on her split from Timur Akbulut a favour. Now the model lives in New York again – in the apartment of another ex-partner: Frank Otto.

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After showing herself alongside post-order heir Frank Otto for years, Natalie Falk surprisingly sparked her newfound love with convicted rocker “Hells Angels” Timur Akbulut in November 2020. She moved to live with him in Turkey, and the engagement ensued a few months later. But instead of the wedding came parting.

At the end of October, Natalie reported from the hospital. “I am here because of a broken heart,” said the former candidate of the National Resistance Movement, and at the same time announced the end of her relationship with Timor. Before she shared this news with the public, she first revealed another: her ex-partner Frank Otto.

Frank Otto finances Natalie Falk

“She called me so I didn’t know from the press,” the 64-year-old told Bild and confirmed that he considered it a “vote of confidence.” For him, there was also no doubt that his ex-wife would return to his luxurious New York apartment after her separation from Akbulut and her departure from Turkey. “This was obvious because she was finishing her acting training,” the entrepreneur said.

A few weeks ago, Frank Otto had already stated in an interview with the newspaper, He continues to financially support Natalie. He explained, “This arose in our time in a relationship. I also feel a responsibility to women who have been introduced to a certain lifestyle with me that they cannot suffer on their own.”

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The 64-year-old confirmed that the return of love was not about to make, but rather that they would maintain a friendly relationship. He also has no plans to travel to Natalie, New York in the near future. Frank Otto says, to begin with, he’s going to a sustainability event in the Seychelles.


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