'LOL' star Anke Engelke: She criticizes business with beauty principles - people

Dealing with ideals of beauty? Comedian Anki Engelke (56 years old) does not go.

“Glossy magazines and ads sell dreams. Anyone who is not naive knows that,” she told Vogue.

However, she can gain something from one side: “If there are public figures who have achieved dreams, set goals and lived creatively, then I think that’s great, then that should be represented.”

Engelk also finds it counterproductive that sporting goods advertising usually only shows models with perfect bodies.

Anke Englk in the interview: “Will those people who urgently need exercise to live a healthier life be dealt with? I find it unfortunate that there is such pressure, such a demand for perfection.”

Angelki remembers that the comedian feels comfortable in her own body, but that’s only been the case since her mid-twenties. Before that, for example, she was unstable due to weight gain during puberty.

Your secret recipe for a better body feel? Sports and healthy eating.

Although beauty ideals exist over time, that is no excuse to put pressure on people, according to the 56-year-old.

Beauty is always subjective, says Anke Engelke. And you never stop. Really nice message.


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