Let's Dance 2021 (RTL): Christina Loft dances with a celebrity girlfriend at the Professional Challenge

Christina Loft and Luca Hanne in an interview with RTL.

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After the “Let’s Dance” Final, the professionals continue to dance in “Profichallenge”. However, one of the participants is a celebrity and former nominee.

Cologne – The “Dancing Star” 2021 will be announced in “Let’s Dance”. In the final, fans can choose between Nicholas Buschman, Valentina Bahde and Rorik Gislason, before the celebrity dance trip ends. All former celebrity participants will also perform again with their professional dance partners. And for them, it goes even further after the final.

Let’s Dance 2021 (RTL): Christina Loft dances with Luca Hanne

After the season ends, the dance professionals can still be seen in the “Let’s Dance” professional challenge. In their midst is also a former famous candidate! So while all of the couples are made up of trained dancers, one person stands out: Luca Hanne. How can a former DSDS winner be a part of the party? Girlfriend Christina Loft. He danced with her and worked his way into the hearts of the crowd as a popular nominee in the thirteenth season.

Together, Luft and Hänni were third at the time – but they found each other particularly well after the show and are a couple today. Christina Loft danced this year’s season with former Tageshaw spokesperson Jan Hoover. But how relevant is Luca Hanei in reality? Can he even keep up with the pros after a year of his regular training with Cristina?

Let’s Dance 2021 (RTL): Luca

The two have now reported to RTL via a video message and talked about the current situation, “We’re very excited,” Christina Loft admits. When asked how fit he is at the moment, I think about it for a while. Of course, I was a lot more fit in terms of dancing of course. Of course I did my music again, shot a lot of videos, and also danced, but of course not in that direction. ”The conclusion:“ Well, you have to work hard Now, do it a little bit with me once again energizing, “Luca says to Cristina. She nodded. But then Luca adds: “But I’m in good spirits and given everything!”

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A special difficulty for Luca Hani: “We have never done anything before. We start from the beginning and this is also the mission and the challenge.” Will the two be able to keep up with the professional dance pairs?


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