Love Island Jannik’s yard hunter can’t help it! Rarely has any inhabitant of a villa fallen in love with so many women this season as the hot tram driver from Cologne. At first he couldn’t choose between Lena and Andrina (28 years old) and he is currently carrying the new bombs Francesca And Angelina is warm! So “Love Island” viewers were already terribly upset. In today’s episode, Jank only rides his way into chaos…

Yesterday, beau Franziska made it clear that he is interested in her – but prefers to focus on Angelina. Today, it’s totally different again: Jannik is suddenly making beautiful blonde eyes again! “I feel attracted to you,” says the 26-year-old. “I noticed with Angelina that she is a beautiful woman, but the atmosphere is not quite right … I lack that maturity, self-confidence, intensity. And she can’t give me that, she doesn’t have. I think you can do it.”

However, Franziska is not easy to wrap up Jannik’s words! “Are you sure what I said? Because I don’t feel like playing games either! If so, I want everything!”Explains the dental assistant. “Oh my God, you’re really driving me crazy.” Then the muscular guy gets nauseous – and tries to talk to Buddy Robin. Comes out: He still loves the two women! “You made it worse!” is his conclusion. Does he get away with it for long?

“Love Island – Hot Flirt and True Love”, always Monday through Friday and Sunday at 10:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI.

Jannik and Franzi in “Love Island”
“Love Island” – Granite Angelina
Yannick and Robin in “Love Island” 2021


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