'The Bachelor' star: Will she be the new Bachelorette?

‘The Bachelor’ star: Will she be the new Bachelorette?

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May 2, 2022 at 11:01 pm

These are the winning couples from all of The Bachelor seasons

These are the winning couples from all of The Bachelor seasons

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In recent years, it has beenUnmarriedCandidates hand out flowers themselves at The Bachelorette.

Jessica Paszka, Maxim Herboard and Nadine Klein participated in “Bachelorette– Part of the experiment. If oneUnmarriedThe contestant from last year gets a chance? Now she expresses herself on Instagram.

Will this ‘Bachelor’ star become the new ‘Bachelorette’?

The big question: Which familiar face will allow him to plunge into the adventure of roses in 2022? Last year, Michelle Gozodz was searching for her big love for “Der Bachelor” on RTL. In the final, she was already chosen by Nico Grissert.

But then it’s over! The feelings for second-placed Michel de Ross were too great. Michelle, or as she calls herself “Mimi”, is currently living without a man by her side.


The Bachelor: Three facts about RTL’s love show


On Instagram, a fan asks if the 28-year-old could imagine becoming the new Bachelorette. Mimi replies, “I imagine the experience would be great, being in the position and handing out the roses.”

‘The Bachelor’: Those are the terms Mimi puts on production

However, it appears that she will not participate in the coordination this year. “So if the order comes at some point in life and I’m single, I can take Maliu with me and everything else he has to talk about right now — sure,” she told her fans.

By the way, Maliu is her dog. Whether the production of a dome width would respond to these conditions? It is unlikely…

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Rumor has it that she could also become the new bachelorette.


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