Deutsche Post: Scammers want to deceive customers with these emails

Deutsche Post: Customers targeted by scammers – you should be careful when dealing with this message

Sparkasse, DHL and Amazon: Beware of Phishing! This is how you protect yourself!

Sparkasse, DHL and Amazon: Beware of Phishing! This is how you protect yourself!

Billions of spam emails are sent around the world every day. Most of them are called phishing emails.

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caution! With this scam, scammers want customers German Post trick…

Rude phishing messages are once again circulating on the Internet, whose purpose is to give the impression that a file German Post had sent it. But it is easy to spot counterfeit products.

Deutsche Post: Beware of scam emails

On Facebook, one user drew Post’s attention to the new wave of scam emails and posted a screenshot of one of them — and even had to admit that this was a “poorly executed” attempt to scam.


This is Deutsche Post DHL Group:

  • Postal and parcel service providers as well as international express, freight, e-commerce and supply chain management service providers
  • From 1998 to 2002, DHL was gradually acquired by Deutsche Post AG.
  • A group with about 550,000 employees in 220 countries
  • 66.8 billion euros in sales in 2020


The sender calls himself “DeutschePost”, but his email address is “[email protected]”. The subject line says “Shipment Tracking – Deutsche Post”. The customer should be fooled into thinking that it is about tracking their shipment.

Deutsche Post: Scammers send incorrect emails

Anyone who opens the email reads something about a failed delivery attempt, including the package number. For new delivery, you must pay additional shipping costs of € 1.99 under the link titled “Enter my delivery address”. But obvious spelling and grammatical errors quickly reveal fraud.

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More news about the Deutsche Post:


For example, the word “customer” in the salutation is written in lowercase – and misplaced letters or identifiers run across the entire text.

Deutsche Post Thanks for the info

Deutsche Post DHL thanks the user in Facebook Personally for the advice and adds: “In order to be able to effectively combat fraudulent emails, send the suspicious email as an attachment (drag and drop it into a new email) to phishing-dpdhl@deutschepost. de.” (at)


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