Memiontec receives $56.6 million order from PUB, its largest order to date

This new order includes the installation of membrane bioreactor equipment with a processing capacity of 22 MIGD at Changi water reclamation Stage 2 (Phase 2 of Changi Water Treatment Plant)C22C, request.

Work is scheduled to begin on the contract in May 2022 and the contract period is estimated to be around 23 months

Acceptance of the application brought the collection backlog to approximately S$120 as of March 23, 2022. million increase (31. December 2021: S$78 Millions)

The request is expected to be linked to the Group’s financial results for the life of the order

Singapore, March 24, 2022 Memiontec Holdings Limited („Memiontec“or”Mingtai Holdings‘ or ‘company’ together with The Affiliates dHe isGroup‘), a provider of comprehensive water solutions in Asia, announces that the group has secured an order of S$56.6 million (the “Order”) from the Public Utilities Board (“PUB”), the National Water Authority of Singapore.

As part of the order the group Membrane Bioreactor Equipment With Processing Capacity 22 MIGD In Changi water reclamation Stage 2 (Phase 2 of Changi Water Treatment Plant)C22C command, install. Contract work is scheduled to begin in May 2022 and the contract term is estimated to be around April 23 estimated months.

Excluding any unforeseen, unexpected or unusual circumstances or events, the Board of Directors expects the contract to be beneficial to the Group’s financial results throughout the term of the contract as well. net assets per share and das Earnings per share for the current fiscal year ending on the 31st. December 2022.

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to hand in Tips Singh (Zheng Jicheng), executive Director And CEO Memionteche said: “Securing this request from PUB is for Memiontec A huge hit in terms of value and technical complexity.

This order replaces the recently completed project to completely replace the membrane filtration system in the desalination plant is yours South (the largest desalination plant in Southeast Asia), valued at S$33.2 Millions, as the group’s largest single order to date.

Singapore has been one of our key markets for over 20 years and securing this demand reflects our commitment and technical ability as a comprehensive water treatment solution.

Our goal is to continually support PUB in its efforts to improve and expand Singapore’s water infrastructure and capabilities.”

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About Memiontec Holdings Ltd.

(Bloomberg Code: MHL: SP /SGX-code: SYM.SI)

Memiontec Holdings Limited („Memiontec“or the “Company” and with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is a Singapore-based company specializing in all aspects of water treatment and purification with over 20 years of experience providing water and wastewater related services throughout Singapore, Indonesia and the People’s Republic of China. With a synergistic business model that encompasses the entire value chain of water management, the group has 4 important business areas:

Comprehensive solutions with detailed design, procurement and construction (TSEPC) services;

Operation, maintenance and servicing of water and wastewater treatment plants (OMS);

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Sale and distribution of water treatment systems and trade (SDS .). and trade); And the

Sale of Water (SOW) by Transfer-Ownershipthe work-transfer- (tut) – and Builds-King-the workBOOT projects involving partnerships or joint ventures with public or private companies for recurring income.

Developed through the use of membrane processes, ion exchange processes, physical, chemical and biological processes as well as the use of interior design, manufacturing and assembly capabilities Memiontec Reliable, compact, cost-effective, innovative and space-saving wastewater and wastewater treatment solutions for the entire water management value chain.

Introduced over 20 years ago Memiontec For water treatment in Asia for both the municipalities and different industrial sectors, and has developed close business relationships with clients in the public and private sectors in the region, such as the Public Utilities Board (PUB), Obayashi Singapore , Boca singapore company, petrochemicals Corporation From Singapore, PDAM (Indonesia National Water Authority), PT Jackbrough (Government Infrastructure Developer in Jakarta), PT PP, PT Abipraya SafeAnd the SinarmasAnd the lipo etc.

For more information, see

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Mr. Alex Tan

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e-Mdisturb: [email protected]

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