Chief - Boehmer's Secret Yesterday on ZDF: TV date, plot, actors, repeat in the media library

Yesterday, on December 10, 21, ZDF showed the thriller “Die Bossin – Bohmers Secret”. When was the TV broadcast? Who are the actors in the cast? How does the plot look?

She became sexy again in a second: this ZDF “Die Chefin – Boehmers Secret” aired in December. Are you looking for information? So here you are. In this text, we’ve compiled for you when exactly the TV date was, what actors were involved, what the plot was and whether there was a recurrence as a current in the media library.

TV broadcast date: “The Boss – Boehmers Secret” on December 10, October 21 ZDF And many in the media library

“The Boss – Boehmers Secret” was on Friday December 10, 2021 in ZDF to see. It started at 8:15 pm. Spectators can expect about an hour of great entertainment. Who doesn’t have time for Friday evening Television Who can watch “Die Chefin – Bohmers Secret” as a free stream in ZDFMedia library.

Synopsis: This is what the ZDF movie “Die Bossin – Bohmers Secret” is all about.

It’s a mysterious case that Vera Lanz needs to clarify this time: a hitherto unknown person shot the prostitute Anja Werteling and escaped. The ambulance arrives in time and saves the woman. Boomer is also in the bitch’s apartment – albeit a little in his senses. He is also affected. What was he doing there anyway? He is silent about this.


Vera Lanz has doubts. She suspects that Boomer had a confrontation with his questionable past. But Boehmer didn’t say anything about that either. Just like his suspicions that Andreas Cortes, the former king of the red light, could be behind the attack. After all: the heavy boy is called to the station.

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In the course of the investigation and with each new alleged evidence, it becomes increasingly clear that Boomer must tell his colleague the truth about his shady past. Does that help track down the culprit?

Actors: These “Die Bossin – Bohmers Secret” actors are in the cast

  • Vera LanzKatrina Boom
  • Paul BomerJürgen Tonkel
  • Corbinian KirchnerJonathan Hutter
  • Andreas KurzManfred Zapatka
  • Michael HeineGerhard Wittmann
  • Anya Fertling – Ena Melling
  • Clark HillmanMartin Gruber
  • Zoe Lanz – Olga von Lockwald
  • Doctor. Sebastian Hartmann – Christian Hockenbrink
  • Mike Conrad – Emma Presidents

“The Boss – Boehmers Secret” as a repeat or stream in the media library

Friday night is already planned, but you really want to see “The Boss – Boomers Secret”? Nothing is easier than that: that ZDF The movie is set as a free stream in the media library.


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