dm: The customer makes this observation in the pharmacy and is disappointed

dm: The customer makes this observation in the pharmacy and is disappointed

dm: a pharmacy success story

dm: a pharmacy success story

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That’s what this customer was d m I imagined a little differently.

Customers have enjoyed buying from them for years d m One. Seems to be very satisfied with the products in the pharmacy. However, it does have a problem that many customers are probably familiar with.

Customer confused

He summarizes his problem on the dm Facebook page: “We shop at dm regularly and use redemption coupons for our purchases. For about a year, there has been a problem that redemption coupons are not redeemed at the branch and you only get standard redemption points.”

Moreover: “Payback vouchers from dm are activated via the Payback mobile app. As a result, we have already lost several thousand redemption points.”

The customer had denounced the problem several times in the branch. “But unfortunately nothing happened and the problem persisted,” he complains. “If the customer is offered reimbursement, this should work too.”

The dm customer does not have such difficulties in other stores: “We regularly use Payback in other stores that offer Payback, and redemption coupons work there. It cannot be because of the redemption card.”

Another DM recommends that the customer contact Payback and ask: “What does this have to do with the DM? If everything is checked and activated, this is not the problem with the branch.”


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turns dm

Dm himself also intervenes and asks the customer to contact customer service. At the same time, dm explains that it may not be up to the pharmacy chain that they can’t redeem their coupons as desired: “We also may not answer all the questions about your redemption coupons in detail on the part of dm can answer. However, given Because you still need some information from you, such as the recovery client number, processing via Facebook is not possible here.”


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