Pink makes alcoholic drinks from Germany a bestseller

A small distillery in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern could hardly save itself from the demands of the herbal liqueur. The reason: American singer Pink recently discovered a distillate for herself And posted a cry for help.

Through an Instagram post, American pop star Pink caused sales of a small distillery in West Pomerania to soar. Fet Willhaber of the Schloss Zenzo distillery (Vorpommern-Greifswald) said more herbal liqueurs praised by the singer were sent in three weeks than usual in six months. Then the view was empty for now.

Pink emphasized in the post since the beginning of October that she doesn’t want to run cheap ads. Regarding the image of the bottle and the filled glass, it was said that this should be understood as a call for help to get more of it. Anyone who lives in or near Berlin can consider themselves lucky to have this liqueur, as Pink wrote and confessed, “I’m very jealous.” The post got nearly 95,000 likes recently. Pink has around 8.6 million followers on Instagram alone.

German celebrities responded to the musician’s contribution. Rocco Stark, for example, sent her kissing faces. Vera Int-Veen left likes. Other users also commented on the “Get the Party Started” translator image. For example, one person wrote: “Germany has more great things to offer.” Another comment was, “I want a glass of this too.”

Triple sales thanks to Pink

The distillery typically produces about 800 liters of herbal liqueur annually, which is bottled and sold by a marketing association in Berlin. For this year, Vielhaber expects about three times as much. Interest in other distillery products has also increased. There are also more unlimited customers.

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Thomas Neubert, his business partner and master distiller, usually handles on-site production, as well as – for other spirits – also labeling and direct sales. “From one day to the next, three or four of us were at the distillery,” Feilhaber recalls. This went on for three to four weeks.

Distiller and inventor of the brew Neubert announced in October that Pink had already identified 28 percent of alcoholic beverages two years ago while visiting Berlin and also announced it on social networks, but at the time without an overwhelming response. The liqueur gets its aroma from bitter orange peel, cinnamon, cloves, gentian root, and wormwood.


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