Beatrice von York: Completely different from Eugenie: an expert in her body language

Tears flowed profusely at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday (March 29): At a memorial service in honor of Prince Phillips (99), members of the royal family and members of the royal family from around the world bid farewell to the Queen’s husband (95). For Beatrice, 33, and Eugenie von York, 32, it was a doubly emotional occasion. Not only was their late grandfather memorialized, their father Prince Andrew (62) also appeared in public after the Queen stripped him of his military titles and patronage.

Funky dress code: Watch the video above as Beatrice and Eugenie of York modernly step off the line at Prince Philip’s memorial service.

Prince Andrew: Travel with the Queen for Philip’s memorial service

It was a surprising performance that caused a lot of talk. After Prince Andrew recently struggled with allegations of abuse against him, he is now making his first public appearance after an out-of-court settlement with prosecutor Virginia Joffrey at Prince Philip’s memorial service. Andrew played a central role in this: the prince not only traveled with the queen in a car, but also drove her through the church. Along with his mother, he walked down Westminster Abbey aisle in plain sight. A scene that aroused feelings in his daughter.

Beatrice of York: I was touched at Philip’s memorial

Body language expert Judi James has spoken about the reactions of Beatrice and Eugenie von York when their father appeared alongside the Queen, as reported by The expert explained: “We saw Beatrice shed tears when her father arrived with his mother and the Queen was seated in front of her, but Beatrice’s reaction when he first appeared was equally shocking and more than just baffling.”

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Prince Andrew: This is how his daughters reacted to his appearance

Beatrice’s reaction to the arrival of her father and grandmother was very different from that of her sister Eugenie: “When the Queen and Andrew initially walked at eye level with the royal family, Eugenie seemed to take a look which meant she was seeing her father he could see in her peripheral vision, but then Spotting him, she seemed to shift her gaze forward,” Jodi James explained. On the other hand, Beatrice seemed emotionally upset. She hid her face: “She did this ritual of covering her entire face and protecting her after her tears when the Queen and her father were in poses. But hiding her face as they walked would have conveyed a very complex message,” the body language expert analyzed.

Beatrice von York: The expert analyzes her body language

Beatrice von York’s body language cannot be explained in just one way, as the expert explains: “For anyone who knows the sisters’ fondness for fidelity, this would be seen to hide tears of relief and joy for their own (Prince Andrews editor’s note) appearing in public. But Hiding our faces also allows us to express our shame, making it a risky public gesture.” Seeing her father in public next to the Queen was a touching moment for Prince William (39). But it wasn’t just Westminster Abbey that things became emotional for the princess.

Beatrice and Eugenie of York: The Queen’s granddaughter looked nervous

Once she entered the venerable chapel, Judy James could see the emotional pressure on the princesses. The expert explained: “The two sisters seemed excited when they got out of the car and immediately hit a reflective barrier, holding their small bags in front of their torso with both hands.” Beatrice and Eugenie with their husbands, Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi (38) and Jack Brooksbank (35). In doing so, Eduardo seemed to give his wife strength, as Judi James noted: “Although Beatrice is the older sister, it is Eugenie who always seems to be able to convey signals of calm maturity through her body language, which is often in this The role is almost maternally supported by her more anxious-looking sister, but the task now appears to belong to Beatrice’s incredibly regal and charming husband, Edo.” Beatrice can always count on Eugenie and Eduardo!

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