Home Economy Tesla stock news: Tesla posts a big loss of 3 percent

Tesla stock news: Tesla posts a big loss of 3 percent


With a 3 percent drop, automaker Tesla’s stock is one of the losers today. Today, the value is set at €1023.40.

Today it decreases by Tesla. At the moment, the automaker is losing a significant €31.80 and is listed at 3.01 percent minus the previous day’s closing value of €1055.20. Recently, Tesla stock was trading at €1,023.40.

Tesla shares started trading on Monday at €970.00. The highest daily rate is 1032.20 euros.

The 52-week high for Tesla stock was listed on November 4, 2021. The exchange is currently trading on the stock 5.2 percent below the high. The 52-week low was reached on November 10, 2020 at €335.65.

Sales had reached 192.3 million euros by 5:30 pm. 194,278 papers were circulated. On the previous trading day, 7,594 securities worth 1.5 million euros were traded at the same time.

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