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MacBook Air will be thinner than before

MacBook Air will be thinner than before

© Jon Prosser / Renders by Ian Zelbo

According to John Prosser of Frontpage Tech, who always lets the latest Apple rumors stop, this should happen. MacBook Air Not only is it available in colors, like blue, but also It will be much thinner than before. Apple Insider shows in the latest rendering by Ian Zelbo that the MacBook Air’s sleeve won’t be tapered anymore, it will be flat and very thin, like Giga.de reports. Prosser has all the new rumors in one YouTube video Summarization.

What should be all new

In the rendering, the USB-C ports are not positioned next to each other, but one on each side. They hardly fit, there was hardly any space around them. to me Screen Everything around him had to be one White border Similar to the new iMac. It is not yet known how thick the boundaries are. The keyboard keys will also turn white and the trackpad will be slightly smaller than before.

Also lower From MacBook Air it will look different. There would be no more than four rubber feet, only Two slices continuous. In addition to the blue, there should be a total of seven colors to choose from and in all likelihood like the new iMac.

Whether the new MacBook Air is M2-chip Prosser leaves it open. The release date has not yet been set. Prosser thinks withEnd of the year 2021.

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