Home Tech iDOS 2 makes Windows 3.1 work on iPads

iDOS 2 makes Windows 3.1 work on iPads

iDOS 2 makes Windows 3.1 work on iPads

Windows 3.1 runs on an iPad

There was an app in AppStore as iDOS 2Which should let old DOS-based games run. Report now Among other things golem And the Also wccftech about itThat with a valid Windows 3.1 license, you can use not only the old games but the entire old Windows 3.1 operating system on your iPad when using the iDOS 2 app. On the How-To Geek website There is also a more detailed guide to installing the 1992 OS using the application. Among other things, you should copy the original Windows 3.1 installation files to a folder already created by iDOS 2 for the purpose of running DOS applications.

In 1992, Windows (Buy now ) 3.1 It is still delivered on floppy disks – to copy files from there to a modern device, there are floppy drives with a USB connection. However, it is not recommended to get a copy of Windows 3.1 from the Internet. Since the files were obviously not uploaded legally, the download could also be associated with legal issues, because in this case one could have intentionally downloaded the illegally uploaded files. After installing Windows 3.1 on your iPad, you can run it with a mouse and keyboard and install compatible software. This trick turns the iPad into a device that allows, unlike the usual process, to use multiple apps in parallel in open windows at the same time.

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