EM 2021: Jogi Löw plans to feel in the nomination - a completely forgotten DFB defender most likely there
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The nomination for EM 2021 is getting closer and closer. Will national coach Yogi Loew bring the forgotten defender back into the DFB squad?

FRANKFURT – We are only weeks away from the 2021 European Cup, and on Wednesday, 19 May, national coach Yugi Lu will finally present his interim team, which will play the title in the European Championship. It is unclear how many players Loew will nominate, as the DFB will not have to inform UEFA of the final 26-man squad of the federation’s choice until June 1. So the Bundesliga coach will likely nominate more than 26 professionals and then lower the squad to a maximum of 26 players by the crucial day – but since there is no Test match for the FIFA selection before June 1, that is not the case. To get out.

EM 2021: Jogi Löw is nominating the DFB Selection Squad

Jogi Löw reportedly has a list of about 40 players who qualify for the nomination, as reported by Kicker Sports Magazine. Among the names may be Mats Hummels, Borussia Dortmund’s defender. Thus, the 2014 world champion, which was ranked in March 2019, is a candidate to return to the DFB selection and participate in the 2021 European Championship. “We checked everything that was possible again,” said national coach Jogi Luv in the ARD on Thursday (13.05 2021) on the sidelines of the DFB Cup Final between Borussia Dortmund and Leipzig. However, the DFB coach did not name any specific names.

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Mats Hummels himself is open to a return to the DFB selection and would like to help play a successful EM in 2021. “I am not defending myself if I am asked for help again,” the BVB defender recently confirmed on the pay TV station Sky. Hummels has so far completed 70 caps and managed to score five goals in the German Football Association selection. His last match at the moment in his German national team kit was 2: 2 against the Netherlands in the Nations League on 19 November 2018. Now the strong defender can celebrate his comeback and at the last minute get an EM 2021 ticket.

EM 2021: Jogi Löw asks the DFB team to come to the training camp at the end of May

The training camp to prepare for the 2021 European Championship for the German Football Association selection begins on 28 May. National team coach Uji Loew and his team are in Seefeld / Tirol, Austria. Before the start of the European Championship, the German Football Association will play two test matches: on June 2 against Denmark and on June 7 against Latvia. After the second match, the DFB will move to the quarter-finals of the Adidas Partner Championship in Herzogenaurach. It will be dangerous for Jogi Love and his team on June 15, when the 2021 European Championship kicks off against world champions France.

In addition to France, the European champions, the German Federation, will face Portugal and Hungary in the difficult group F. Jogi Löw must be at least second in order to reach the round of 16 and continue to play the title. All German national team matches will be played at the Allianz Arena in Munich. The number of accepted viewers remains open. Ideally, 14,500 fans can watch the match live on the stadium.

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Meanwhile, the German Football Association is looking for a successor to Jogi Löw, who will stop as a national coach after the 2021 European Cup, perhaps he has found. It is said that the German Football Association has outdone even a major European club. What is Joachim Low planning after the European Championship and his resignation from coaching the national team? A former club currently showing interest.


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