The player world is amazed in Germany after the GTA 6 campaign in
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The gaming world is amazed in Germany after a GTA 6 fan stormed the “Schlag den Star” theater. They don’t just admire Elton’s gaming knowledge.

Update from 08/31/2021: After reports in several German media about a GTA 6 fan who broke into the “Schlag den Star” theater and asked Elton about the release date of GTA 6, there are now reports on international gaming sites like Dexerto or Reddit. The GTA community is particularly surprised by three things in Germany.

game name Grand Theft Auto VI
Date of first publication To be announced
editor rock games
Italian Serie A Grand Theft Auto
Developer Rockstar North (unconfirmed)
Type Open world, action adventure

The GTA community is very positive about Elton’s knowledge of the Grand Theft Auto series, because he knows, for example, that GTA is distributed by publisher Take Two Interactive. Even many real gamers know only the Rockstar Games subsidiary. Here broker Elton collects a lot of points from the international GTA community.

GTA 6 fans attack ‘Schlag den Star’ – Reddit users also find Evelyn Burdecki very attractive

The second point that many players from other countries (especially the USA) do not understand is that the running stage was not immediately overwhelmed by the security forces and Elton and Evelyn Burdecki remained very calm. Then the German players explained to them that in Germany you react more relaxed in such situations and that you do not throw “hooligans” on the ground or electrocute them with an electric taser.
Last but not least, many users find Evelyn Burdecki very attractive and say: “The woman in red is so sexyWe are of course pleased that the international gaming community is so impressed with our TV formats.

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First report from 30/8/2021: Cologne – Unexpected, but totally justified, asks a fast driver at “Schlag den Star” in Cologne: “Where the hell is GTA 6?Fans have been waiting for the successor to Rockstar Games GTA 5 for eight years, and moderators Alexander “Elton” Duszat and Evelyn Burdecki seem visibly surprised and only come out with vague statements until the pace is slowly removed. Invaluable.

GTA 6 Elton rider at Schlag den Star asks for version

On Saturday evening, the popular TV show Schlag den Star on ProSieben was crashed by a GTA 6 fan who was craving forbidden knowledge. He storms the stage and encounters the only person who can leave an imprint on his behalf: Elton. After introducing himself by name he asks the only question that occupies him.”Where the hell is GTA 6?Elton almost said he was waiting for the game in exactly the same way, but the fast driver interrupted him, demanding that he shout his question into the camera.

Evelyn Burdecki was clearly confused, but she proved her experience and correctly concluded that GTA 6 is a computer game. Elton, a ProSieben veteran, wasn’t particularly impressed with doing the same to a fan and”Where the hell is GTA 6?“To yell at the camera because he has not yet played through GTA 5 himself. It was not up to him when the game was released and he made no assumptions about the culprit in the GTA 6 release disaster,” Elton said.

Reactions to the GTA 6 round at Schlag den Star . are divided

New leaks about GTA 6 keep coming out. Recently, a voice actor for GTA 6 spoke about who is supposed to play a role in the Rockstar Games video game. Live discussions about GTA 6 make waves and regularly cause the online community to attack each other. The campaign from GTA 6 runabout on ProSieben also brings praise and criticism from the community. But media such as also report on a file GTA fan is impatient in Beat the Star*.

“Where’s GTA 6?” – Player breaks into Schlag den Star (ProSieben) and demands answers

© dpa / Britta Pedersen / David Ebener / Twitter: Martin Riedl (The Gathering)

On the other hand, there are many who celebrate the driver’s fast action and consider the question justified. Fans on Twitter talk about: “After all, the show might have been exciting for a few seconds.”, And “Important message, you can’t blame him”. But there is also criticism that he deceives himself for such useless prime-time news on ProSieben. Instead, he should have rioted over more important issues like climate protection in an election year.

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GTA 6 speedster in Schlag den Star makes the rumor mill boil

Still others and even Elton himself suspect that he got paid by Take Two to keep the hype going in GTA 6, but no one can support that assumption. The assumption that it could have been a joke by fellow ProSieben Joko and Klaas is also circulating within an excerpt from the show on Twitter and reddit.

Likewise, the joking assumption that GTA 6 might be played in Germany as a result is an assumption by the user. It is not known whether the young man is simply frustrated and wants to set an example. The security guard took him slowly and with a smile. It is also possible that he is waiting for the release of GTA 6. * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA

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