Birgit Schrang has some news in her bag! In several ways. Because there is no news just about their postponed wedding. The presenter is also planning her television comeback and announcing three new shows that will air on SAT.1.

For years, Birgit Schrang (63) has been one of Germany’s most popular and successful presenters. But you gotta stop when you’re the prettiest, and so the 63-year-old pulled out of TV in December 2019, enjoying her TV retirement and private life with businessman Frank Spothelfer. (55) Engaged since April 2019. On her 61st birthday, her lover asked for her hand in a very romantic way. Less romantic: Since married couples live in certain circumstances in Switzerland, where the couple lives, are in a worse tax situation than unmarried couples, the couple decided to postpone the wedding until Frank stops working.

Birgit Schrang is back on TV

And it looks like the time will come relatively soon: Birgit Schroang has now revealed to that she has set a deadline. “I’m celebrating my 65th birthday in April 2023, by that time the lady will be going with me. I hope we’ll run the silver wedding too,” she says. Enough time to plan for the festival that is full of anticipation – yet also to be expected.

And the beautiful TV woman has even more news in her bag: she’s coming back to the screens! According to, filming for three variants of SAT.1 will begin in January, including Birgit’s Strong Women. The 63-year-old explains, “I’ve always been a woman, and I’ve supported my young colleagues during my 25 years at RTL. Now I’m photographing strong women, notable and notable, who dare to start over.”

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It’s not just Birgit Schrang who thinks she’s celebrating her TV comeback at the age of 60 as a sweet expression: “In the past, women my age were removed from TV, SAT.1 brings me back. This is a positive sign for more mature people and women.”

Her fiancĂ© should not fear that her private life will be neglected with these exciting plans for her second career, because: “For me, love is above all.”

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Summer has already shown what he can do in the past few days. the Temperatures Climbs to over 30 degrees in many places. You sweat quickly. Former anchor Birgit Schwarang is currently introducing herself in a bikini and this scene doesn’t promise any calming.

Birgit Schrang is enjoying her whole new life. She’s been looking at the world since her last broadcast just before Christmas.

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