Home entertainment Watch “Polizeiruf 110” again on MDR: “Three bottles of Tokajer” – repeat on the Internet and on TV

Watch “Polizeiruf 110” again on MDR: “Three bottles of Tokajer” – repeat on the Internet and on TV

Watch “Polizeiruf 110” again on MDR: “Three bottles of Tokajer” – repeat on the Internet and on TV

Udo Witt broadcast on television on Tuesday, December 28, 2021 the program “Polizeiruf 110”. When and where you can watch “Three bottles of tokaj” as a recurrence, whether on TV or only online, read here on news.de.

Call Police 110 in MDR
Photo: MDR, transmitted by FUNKE Guides

the movie “Police 110It was shown on TV on Tuesday (December 28, 2021) and they didn’t arrive at 11:50 PM MDR To switch to Udo Witt’s “Three Bottles of Tokajers”? This is where the MDR media library can come in handy. This offers many online TV contributions as video-on-demand for streaming – also and especially after the respective broadcast on TV. As a rule, you will find the program in the media library after it has been broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. There will be no duplication of linear television in MDR at the moment.

‘Polizeiruf 110’ on TV: This is what ‘Three Bottles of Tokajer’ is all about

Jörg, very drunk, claims to his friends that he can steal three bottles of Tokagir from old Zirau’s living room. In fact, Jörg joined Zirau. He finds the Tokaj and, out of sheer fear, turns away from the first bottle. He no longer knew what would happen next. His memory only begins again when Zirao lay dead beside him in the living room. (Source: MDR, submitted via FUNKE Program Guides)

“Polizeiruf 110” on TV: a glimpse of all the information and actors of “Three Bottles of Tokaj”

in a: MDR

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From: Udo Wit

withJürgen Frohreb, Lutz Riemann, Jörg Shutov, Doris Abeser, Mariwara Vidas, Antje Strasberger, Jessen Berkholz, Bernd Michael Lied, Andrei Kaminsky and Torsten Spoon

script: Margot Bechler, Rolf Laszkowski, and Udo Witt

camera: Rolf Laskowski

Music Arnold Fritzsch

Type: a crime

year of production: 1989

FSK: Approved for ages 12 and up

original title: “Call the police 110”

Subtitle: Yes

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