Home entertainment Ricardo Simonetti is “extremely proud” of “Friends”.

Ricardo Simonetti is “extremely proud” of “Friends”.

Ricardo Simonetti is “extremely proud” of “Friends”.

Updated May 30, 2021, 12:52 pm

  • Ricardo Simonetti is “very proud” to be a guest star on the special “Friends: The Reunion”.
  • In the interview, he reveals how he looked and who his favorite character is.

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On May 27, the special “Friends: The Reunion” was shown on US television. In it Jennifer Aniston is back, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc Return to the original site of the popular comedy. And many notable guests had their say in him.

Among other things, artist Ricardo Simonetti. How it happened and how the 28-year-old managed not to reveal anything about him for more than a year, he said in an interview with the news agency. spot On Newsletter Betray.

You have made a small guest appearance on the ‘Friends’ special. How did this happen and what does performance mean to you?

Ricardo Simonetti: My administration was contacted over a year ago while I was on vacation at Lake Garda. It looks like the producers who were planning to meet knew I was a huge fan of the show. I was in London a while ago and toured the “Friends” group and I think that’s how they came across. At first I couldn’t believe it, the request seemed so surreal. But then we started planning to shoot in Berlin.

What are your reactions to your performance?

I haven’t been allowed to say anything for over a year, but when I opened my cell phone on the day it aired, I was pelted by a torrent of pictures. a With news from all over the world. My fans were so happy to see me between Lady Gaga & Co and they sent me countless videos of emotional reactions because they like the program themselves. My form is small, but I am very proud to be a part of this production as a German actor.

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There are reports that in China you and other LGBTQ fans have been excluded from the special show. How did you learn about it and what do you think of it?

I find it very sad because that is exactly the reality that we are in. Meeting “friends” should be fun and suddenly it became a political issue. What happened in China is a good example of the systematic crackdown on gay people. I would have been very happy to tell the Chinese community about our society in a surefire way, which also makes sense out there. This kind of censorship makes me very sad – because it’s so obvious remindHow important is maintaining education and visibility.

How did you like meeting “Friends” as a fan in general?

I experienced all the feelings from beginning to end – from tears of joy to sad moments. I didn’t lose anything at all, I thought it was cool. You noticed how well the actors got along with each other and you still know where the characters will be today. Compared to many of the other new releases, “Friends” has succeeded in maintaining its legend while still giving the audience a great deal of nostalgia.

Ricardo Simonetti can get to know this character the most

What is your favorite character and the episode?

I love episodes in which the characters live alternate lives and ask themselves “what if”. I love all the characters, especially Rachel. I was always able to get to know her more. When I was a little kid, I always wanted to marry her.

The stars agreed on how to see it:they were that they On a break?

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Phew, you can argue about that. Yes, they were on hiatus, but anyway, in my opinion, Ross could have waited before meeting other women. In the end that was enough anyway, luckily!

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Fans had to wait 17 years for this moment. The popular TV friends on the “Friends” TV series finally meet again. Live broadcast platform HBO Max posted a two-minute teaser from the special TV show “Friends: The Reunion” on Wednesday.


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