Even with a kiss: Michelle Hunziker and X Eros are familiar on TV

No one can refuse a kiss in honor! Michelle Hunziker, 45, is currently hosting her own show “Michel Impossible” on Italian TV. In the first version, which was shown on the screens on Wednesday evening, a very special guest took part in the party: Eros Ramazzotti (58), the ex-husband of the beauty, performed on stage. When they met again on TV, there was a surprising moment: Michelle and eros Kisses in front of the camera!

On his previous show, the Italian musician sang his song “PiĆ¹ Bella Cosa” while Michelle was standing on the edge of the stage with a big smile on her lips. After the 58-year-old performed his hit, the ex-couple gave each other a warm embrace followed by a kiss on the lips. Before this situation happened, the native Roman brought his ex-girlfriend on stage. There he announced after a request from his ex-partner: “Let’s be honest, we’re friends.”

Do the two want to put an end to rumors of a possible love comeback? Just a few weeks ago, a close friend of the beautiful blonde resurrected her. Opposite picture I disclose that the former partners are in frequent contact: “They talk on the phone every day. Michelle can count on Eros.” Apparently, Eros is a kind of support for Michelle, who recently broke up with Tommaso Trussardi (38).

Eros Ramazzotti and Michael Hunzecker, 2010
Michel Hunziker, moderator

Instagram / therealhunzigram

Michel Hunziker, moderator
Michel Hunziker and Tommaso Trussardi in September 2012
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