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Model and entrepreneur Natalie Falk (25) is on cloud nine after some love spells: she’s very happy with her billionaire ex-boyfriend Frank Otto (64). How happy? Everyone should see this – and read it.

Written by Eileen Primus

Natalie has no problem unpacking the spicy details of her sexuality. why? Best example: One of the 10 fan questions that the 25-year-old answered on Instagram on Easter Sunday. What kind of orders are placed in your basket?

Lots of “harmless” things, like asking her about her favorite song (“Rockstar” to Nickelback), how many children she wants to have (one or two), how often she plays sports (almost every day), or where she sees herself Ten years later (“The Way”).

Her boyfriend also takes her to unimaginable heights. Because – in this case – the hot question “Have you ever had an orgasm?” “Only with Frank,” replied Natalie arrogantly.

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Honestly great, that’s a compliment. Although Natalie’s ex-boyfriends probably don’t smile at those three words. Natalie was even engaged to “Hells Angels” rock singer Timur A. last year, lived with him in Turkey and was raving about him on the loudest of notes. She then hugged 24-year-old businessman Sami Levy on vacation in the Maldives in early 2022.

For a few weeks now, only one man has made her happy again — in every sense: mail order heir Frank Otto. Natalie doesn’t go into detail about the orgasmic response, but she did talk about it a few years ago.

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In 2017, when Natalie and Frank were first together, they went to a masked ball together. At the time, Falk told RTL of her festive look with a mask, “She got the whole outfit from a sexy store we were in. Sometimes we get delusions from it.”

What do you love most about men? “Ethics,” according to Heidi Klum’s former GNTM model. It appears that businessman Frank Otto owns it. And a magical touch when it comes to the newly kindled love for Natalie…


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