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‘It gets boring’: Joe Gerner also gets a spin-off in GZSZ © RTL / Pascal Bünning / picture alliance / dpa / TVNOW | Rolf Baumgartner

After both Sunny and Nihat have already had their own show, Jo Gerner must now follow suit. A decision that terrifies the masses.

Babelsberg – While viewers of the popular daily series “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” were initially excited about Nihad getting an offshoot of the series, they now seem to be very upset. Reason: Jo Gerner also became part of the subsidiary.

Wolfgang Bahru at the Balst Zoo in Berlin
Wolfgang Bahro has played villain Jo Gerner in “GZSZ” since the beginning of 1993. © imago images / POP-EYE / Christian Behring

GZSZ: Joe Gerner can be seen at the Nihad branch

On September 22-23, the time has finally come: the GZSZ branch “Nihat – Alles auf Anfang” will be shown on RTL. The past of the main character Nihad (Timur Ulker) is reported in five episodes. There’s a big comeback: GZSZ favorite Sherine is back in the series. A message that made many viewers jump for joy. But the more details appear, the more the mood is lost. Jo Gerner must also be part of the subsidiary. Too silly for many fans.

After Sunny recently acquired a branch, the scenario is now repeated. The participation of a colleague in the GZSZ did not seem to get on the nerves of the audience. “If every character gets an episodic series, it gets boring. Sometime it’s good too. Or can’t the writers think of anything else to do it like this?” asks a fan on Facebook. “There wasn’t another branch, it was there from the start anyway,” says another user, expressing frustration.

The fact that Joe Gerner is a part of the party seems to annoy the fans
The fact that Joe Gerner is part of the party seems to annoy the fans © Facebook

Nihad was Joe’s assistant. When things get tough in Hamburg, he looks for help from his former employer,” RTL explains the decision to bring Gerner on board for the Nihad – all in the beginning branch. When and how to see him at the Nihad branch is still open.

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