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According to data from ANSES, 95% of French people do not have an adequate level of activity, which can put them at risk of deterioration in their health.

Physical activity is important to our mental and physical health. according to study It was published on Tuesday by the National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Occupational Health (Anses), 95% of the French do not get enough physical activity They will suffer from excessive sedentary lifestyles. A condition that is clearly in danger of degrading it.

Almost all French people do not exercise enough

In order to reach this conclusion, ANSEE measured exposure levels and associated risks for physical inactivity based on two studies, one from February 2016 and one from June 2017. The latter also excluded pregnant and postmenopausal women. After this analysis, the researchers first noted that women are the most likely to experience insufficient physical activity. 70% of them will already have activity levels lower than those determined to be healthy. 42% of men are also affected by this condition.

On the topic of sedentary lifestyle, the study shows that Spending more than 8 hours in a sitting position every day is dangerous to your health. Adults with a lower level of education as well as those under the age of 45 will be most affected by a sedentary lifestyle. 38% of adults will also experience some level of sedentary life of more than eight hours. For residents of Ile-de-France, an additional two hours of sedentary time should be added compared to residents of rural areas.

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Then ANSEE explains that the risks associated with insufficient physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle are as follows: an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer or even diabetes. The agency also identifies that more than a third of adults have a high level of sedentary lifestyle and inadequate physical activity.


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