Luke Mucridge rejected Amazon's request - 'I thought the idea was stupid'
Luke Mockridge didn't feel like it "very funny".

Luke Mockridge didn’t feel like a “LOL.”Bild: thereallukemockridge / instagram

“LOL: Last One Laughing” is one of the most successful comedy formats in Germany in recent years and is currently in its third season. The principle of the show is easy to explain: ten celebrities – mostly comedians – languish in a room for six hours and are not allowed to laugh during this time. In order to spice up the figure, they try to eliminate their opponents by making them laugh at different intervals.

Comedy greats such as Bastian Pastewka, Anke Engelke, Kurt Krömer or Mirco Nontschew, who died in December 2021, did indeed take part in the show hosted by Michael “Bully” Herbig, but it seems that not all stars are available for the show. Luke Mockridge has now shared against “LOL” on Instagram.

“LOL”: Luke Mockridge suppose flip

The 33-year-old recently started a question and answer session on Instagram for his followers. A fan asked him, “Are you going to do a ‘LOL’ show?” The person then received the clearest answer possible. Mucridge revealed:

“He was asked in season one and I thought the idea was so stupid that I didn’t want to flip.”

Luke Mockridge explains that for "very funny" and asked.

Luke Mockridge states that he was contacted for “LOL”.Bild: thereallukemockridge / instagram

The comedian leaves it open whether his opinion on the concept of “the last laugh” has changed in the meantime, but his assessment at the time was clearly wrong: “LOL” is not a flop, but it became a hit in the first season. In this regard, he greatly underestimated himself.

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On the other hand, Mockridge’s colleague is likely to envy the invitation from Amazon: Chris Tal (“Das Supertalent”) said last year he’s a huge fan. “If asked, I can hardly imagine saying ‘no,’ he said plainly on social media. So far, at least, Tall hasn’t reached the format.

It seems that Bucher was not asked

By the way, Mucridge’s friend Oliver Bucher also spoke about “LOL”. He stated that he was definitely interested in participating, but let’s know he wasn’t asked, which immediately expressed a theory: The 44-year-old was sure “Amazon has other ideas about the cast.” The fact that Mockridge has at least a similar understanding of humor, but that Mockridge was allegedly asked about, raises questions in this regard.

Meanwhile, another sequel to the show is very likely. “Season four ‘Last Laughs’ is just a matter of when, not whether,” Philip Pratt, head of German assets at Amazon Studios Germany, said in November of last year. Nothing is known about the cast and there is no release date yet.



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