Home entertainment Vip, vape, hey !: Angelina Jolie feeds love rumors

Vip, vape, hey !: Angelina Jolie feeds love rumors

Vip, vape, hey !: Angelina Jolie feeds love rumors

Does Angelina Jolie only grill sausages with DJ Diplo? How many pounds the manager of the legend “Cali” has a shed, and why is a waitress complaining about Justin Bieber’s wife – Vip, Vip, Hurray! Here comes our weekly celebrity feed.

In recent years, the actress and mother of six children, Angelina Jolie, has become calm. When there was the press, it was all about a custody battle with Brad Pitt, the father of their children. But now Jolie is spotted in a DJ star’s Instagram story called something like ‘The Longest Candy in the World’. DJ Diplo, who has six million followers on Instagram and whose real name is Wesley Pentz, stands in his garden transforming grilled sausages – in the background, an Academy Award winner, hidden behind a bag of chips, yet still easy to identify.

The rumor mill boils down: is DJ Diplo Angies newer? After all, she has been single since her split with Brad in 2016. It is said that she is upset about not finding a new man. Whether Mr. Diplo is just a sausage grill during a nice barbecue with the neighbors or whether there’s more going on between the two – VIPs, VIPs, hooray! – We didn’t just know since Jürgen Marcus: “A new love is like a new life.”

Mariah Carey also seems to feel reborn. The 52-year-old is so happy with her Covid vaccination that she begins to get nauseous as soon as the syringe in her arm disappears. A five-time Grammy Award winner is known to be one of the few who can tap the musical notes down to the so-called whistle record – the highest vocal record of a human voice. The singer encourages her fans to follow suit. “We’re all in this together.”

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Trapped in a golden cage

It has been more than a year since the Corona pandemic. Also, one of the saddest facts is that the numbers of people with mental illness have risen dramatically. The main ones are loneliness and depression. Singer Phil Collins is someone who has been suffering from this disease for a long time. The most common side effects include not only despair, but above all a lack of motivation. Nothing works anymore, you have the feeling that you are trapped in a black hole. In this context, there have been reports circulating recently that were very shocking.

Phil Collins’ ex-wife Orian has repeatedly publicly complained about the singer’s lack of personal hygiene. Collins was “stinking” and wouldn’t shower for days. Not only is this intimate detail nowhere to be found in public and deeply offensive to Collins, but it also shows just how dangerous the singer’s health can be.

The world star turned seventy years old in January, but instead of composing music, he tormented himself through the bitter War of Roses. Ex-wife Urian, who pulled the skin from her husband’s body odor, now justifies herself. The 47-year-old Swiss woman said in an interview that her marriage was unhappy and “stuck in a golden cage.” Of course, it is true that depression is not only severe for the affected person, but often also for relatives. But whether you should publish the sad details in the press is another matter.

Ostensibly, one would think that people of fame and fortune are on the sunny side of life. But Hailey Bieber often feels like she’s in a golden cage and has psychological issues, she announced this week. She posted a video clip talking to a therapist about her feelings. It might also post to the public because a waitress previously complained about being mistreated by millionaire wife Justin Bieber.

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Influential Prof. Doctor. Drosten & Gerd, Vasen Keter

What else was happening during the week? Paris Hilton shows everyone that the time when she was belittled as a naive blonde is over once and for all. The 40-year-old, who now wants to use her voice for the vulnerable, has already signed a new child and youth protection bill. Paris is active? why not?

Young talk: Very few young social media stars these days have millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. The fact that early success also brings flaws like large gaps in knowledge were seen this week in Oliver Bucher’s new gaming show. For example, the influencers whom the comedian invited to battle did not know from the virologist Professor Dr. Drosten.

Such a fake error will not happen. The former consultant, who turned seventy-seven years old on April 7, said he would of course have no difficulty getting the Russian Sputnik V.

In one of his wife Kim So-yeon’s latest videos, you can watch Schröder, who once trained as a ceramics dealer, fixing a defective vase. One of the comments below the video reads: “The vase here represents the current government’s policy on Corona – Gerd has to apply putty.”

He also achieved a true masterpiece: Rainer Calmond. This is because it is difficult to recognize. Some ask themselves: Is this really it? In fact, the former heavyweight has been almost halved. And it fell more than sixty kilograms after reducing the stomach. Now the 72-year-old wants to remove the excess skin, the so-called fat apron. For Calli, of course, discipline is part of it. The former football manager enjoys playing sports in the park.

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