Home entertainment “Das Supertalent”: disastrous ratings – RTL draws conclusions and delivers the show

“Das Supertalent”: disastrous ratings – RTL draws conclusions and delivers the show

“Das Supertalent”: disastrous ratings – RTL draws conclusions and delivers the show

Is it just not working without the wood panels? Even ‘Das Supertalent’ is now losing its spot on Saturday afternoon (Photo montage)

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Since the passing of DSDS legend Dieter Bohlen, “Das Supertalent” has achieved increasingly poor reviews. Now RTL is plotting the consequences and showing the program on Saturday.

Cologne – the beginning of a new “super talentThe season, officials at RTL may have imagined differently: With only 2.28 million viewers, the start of the cast was very realistic. It was speculated in advance whether the jury would leave. Dieter Bohlen (67) It will also have an effect on the number of viewers – now there is a certainty. The sender itself reacts and deletes a slot for formatting, As reported by extratipp.com from IPPEN.MEDIA.

The “Das Supertalent” jury didn’t quite convince the audience either – many of them miss pop titan Dieter Bohlen

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Super Talent: RTL’s Reaction to New Season’s Bad Ratings – Is Dieter Bohlen Missing?

No, “Das Supertalent” (personal bankruptcy, debut album, American TV – that’s how it went for the winners) didn’t get really convincing ratings for the season premiere. The fact that RTL restructured its successful format and replaced the cast caused some resentment among fans. This is revenge now in terms of audience ratings. They were so frustrated that a repeat of the show on Saturday, which was scheduled to take place at 2:30 p.m., was cancelled. Instead, a fake “Der Blaulicht Report” docu-soap is on, DWDL.de reports.

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Crazy: “Der Blaulicht Report,” which replaced “Das Supertalent” on Saturday, are two old episodes. Plus, police soap takes place earlier that day. The fact that the cast will never be repeated is definitely surprising. However, Saturday afternoons is a challenging time period anyway, as exciting matches in national and international leagues are often already in place at this time.

However, many fans suspect that pop end titan Dieter Bohlen is largely responsible for the poor ratings and low expectations of “Das Supertalent”. The 67-year-old producer and musician was one of the station’s most prominent figures. There was already criticism in the run-up to the event: Facebook fans were already excited about the actors’ show in September and predicted that the RTL format “would have died without Dieter Bohlen.” Hard words!


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